Palouse Prairie Foundation Preservation 


What can you do to protect and preserve Palouse Prairie?

If you own land containing a prairie remnant, you are in a position to help preserve it. Recognize what you have. Revel in its beauty. Maintain it by keeping weeds and other threats at bay. This preservation will likely happen only as long as you own the property.

To preserve the prairie into the future you can do so through a voluntary conservation agreement, or easement, in which you set restrictions on the future development of your land. These agreements are entirely voluntary. You may qualify for a reductiom in taxes if you set up such an agreement. You can customize your easement to fit the particular needs of your family and your situation. You can receive assistance with your easement from the Palouse Land Trust. For more information about conservation easements and the tax advantages they confer, contact
Palouse Land Trust
PO Box 8506
Moscow, ID 83843
Selected PPF preservation projects